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As an Aquarius I can say nobody understands me and everyone is prejudicial I haven't met one single person who understands me why so hard ?

It's easy for me to understand everyone and they say "wow you are so right" but when it comes to me they make very prejudicial comments. 


This is why I don't relate with anyone. Even those who pretend to understand you in truth they will throw in a comment and they don't really. 

Update 2:

Or they cheat on you or abuse you in a way you know they don't understand you. 

Update 3:

I wanted to do an experiment and try not to understand others outside of work and see what happens. Maybe it will increase their need for understanding me. Of course I let go of anyone who doesn't get me as they otherwise end up dragging you down. 

Update 4:

Some pretend they do but really they just hide it well. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Astrology is magic not nature and no statistics (or logic) exist for magic.

    Fail your science classes in school or just ignoring them? Why do you accept astrology stereotypes without question? Think we’re all programmed robots that get their instructions from outside our planet? Really?

    Grow up. You need to stop being an approval seeker. Also work on your critical thinking skills. You have the right to demand strong evidence before committing to a belief. Astrology doesn’t have it.

    However if you are a real believer, go and pay a professional astrologer. Don’t be cheap on your irrational beliefs.

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  • 1 month ago

    It's got nothing directly to do with your Sun being in Aquarius. If you have your birth chart look to see what Neptune shows in your chart. Look at the aspects it makes to any planets and particularly if you have a fairly accurate time of birth, look to see if it's close to either your Ascendant, Descendant, MC, (10th house cusp), or IC, (4th house cusp).

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  • maybe only another aquarius can understand .....

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