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Is it unusual for a Sagittarius to keep pursuing someone who rejected him?

I am an Aries and there is this Sagittarius guy who is obsessed over me and is just lusting for me. I hate to be mean but it’s to the point where it’s getting too much so I’m showing him how uninterested I am with him and when there are hot guys around I make sure he is watching me so I will show interest in those guys. He got the message and he seemed really disappointed and upset when he saw me checking out other guys while I give him a glare but he keeps on pursuing and I don’t think he will stop this has been going on for years. Sometimes he will act uninterested which will make me think it’s the end but then he will come back in full force. I always thought Sagittarius tend to move on very quickly when rejected I know you have to look at other placements. I’m a strong fire sign with Aries Sun Aries Moon and Sagittarius Rising. Although he is a Sagittarius Sun he has a lot of Capricorn and Scorpio placements. I believe he is a Capricorn Moon and Venus as well as a Scorpio Mars.

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    We do enjoy the long stories but know that you’re not serious. If you’re serious about the Tooth Fairy science, you’d go to a professional. Not the entertainment section.

    There are few that are astrology literate and they don’t do this stuff for free. Also they will insist on a birth time. Your information is useless.

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