Bullguard. I mentioned I used this product and was told it was 'garbage' and 'crap'. For various reasons including the fact that Norton?

increased their subscription substantially last time, my local IT man loaded this for me. Obviously I want a product to do the job but price is important. What wrong with Bullguard specifically and what might be better/free? UK


It's all very well saying a product is garbage etc., but without saying why, that's not really very helpful??

Update 2:

In a recent top 10 antiviruses, Bullguard comes in 3rd with Norton No.1

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    I recieved a year's subscription of Norton av when I purchased my laptop 2 years ago. I wished I hadn't bothered installing it, I  paid £330 for the laptop and I just  thought that's how cheap laptops ran until I uninstalled Norton.

     Once it expired I used AVG free version and apart from the occasional "please upgrade" pop-up it seems to be fine. 

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