There is a one question about US and China trade deal in 2020?

Donald Trump and China’s vice premier liu concluded US and China trade deal in 2020. I think the treaty may be mean that China was actually surrendered to U.S.A. 

So, I was looking for a list of contents of this treaty on limited Military intervention of china. But it couldn't find contents about that. 

I was heard that US military will go into the North of Korea for removing nuclear weapons if this treaty was concluded. This contents I had mention may be heard as ridiculous joke. But, in fact, During Donald Trump tenure, USA works until now have subduing China. Then, It may have a significant meaningful that they were concluded the trade deal. 

So, If possible, Can you tell me where is a link about a concrete contents of trade deal in 2020?

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  • a2yar
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    3 months ago

    Trump lies... China will win

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