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Why is that myths and fairy tails etc. can be interpreted on so many levels? Does it have something to do with how human mind works?

What are the scientific explanations for that? I mean, that one story can be interpreted not only as one specific allegory, but many allegories are plausible explanations of one and the same story.

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    A good explanation is given in Dr. Marie-Louise von Franz' "The Interpretation of Fairy Tales."  She was a colleague of Carl Jung.

    And, "Watch Your Dreams" by Ann Ree Colton has some mystical explanations.

  • Elaine
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    There are no simple or single answers to your question.  One reason can be the original language of these myths and stories.  You have to keep in mind that quite often in translating from one language to another there are no equivalents.  As an example English has one word country and you have to use context to get the exact meaning of the word.  In French there are 3 words for country with each having a different concept or idea of country. 

    Another reason could be the structure of the stories themselves.  The content while it can stand on its own as a story can also be used to express a moral or ethical point.  

    Then you can look at the characters themselves.  If you take a tale like Cinderella which is a rags to riches story, the way her character is developed as  being anyone- a person who doesn't accept her circumstances  but takes charge of her fate. 

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