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Jamie asked in SportsFootballEnglish Football · 8 months ago

Does a football hurt if it hits u in the stomach?

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    No. Footballs don't feel pain. YOU hurt if a football hits you in the stomach.

  • 8 months ago

    It hurts you not the ball

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  • 8 months ago

    Ideal question if you're a diehard Liverpool fanatic like me and many others.

    Football kills you and can break your heart.

    those cruel cruel late 1-0 wins ( O'Shea and Ferdinand winners ? ) even though we DOMINATED them in both those games. TRY TO REMEMBER.

    that season with Xabi Alonso, Fernando Torres, Albert Riera, Andrea Dossena, Stevie G, Jamie Carragher, Dirk Kuyt (legend), Javier Mascherano, Fabio Aurelio, Daniel Agger...

    all world class stars and yet still we fecking lost the title to them that season, we only lost 2 games and they lost 4 but won it on 90 points when ended up on just 86.

    The season where 'you dont win anything with kids' ,  we should have won that premier league not them but they did it with the class of 1992!

    football hurts.  yes.

    fa cup final 1996.

    we should have tried harder but we were out classed by Cantona's United in that final and were deserved losers and they were deserved double champions.

    football hurts.

    but it also is sweet.

    istanbul 2005.

    fa cup 2006

    and our recent resurgence as a dominating force in world football.

    so im very very pleased at current situation ^_^

  • August
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    8 months ago

    It hurts even more if it strikes you in your bollox lol

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    8 months ago

    Some NFL QBs can throw a football at 60 mph.  Brett Favre was known to throw so hard he would break his receivers fingers. So that would hurt.

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