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A question I’m too embarrassed to ask anyone in person so I’m asking y’all?

So I have a problem. Every day, I put on my shirt, some deodorant, getting ready for the day, that kind of stuff. However, I always get massive sweat stains by lunch time. No amount of deodorant has solved my problem, and it shows in every color shirt (even black!). I’m scared to lift my arms up at all, and it’s really gross. No one mentions it so me, but I know they all notice. Does anyone have an idea what’s going on with me, or even a solution? Thanks, y’all!

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    Use Certain Dri - it's a roll on liquid deodorant that literally closes the pores in your armpit so you don't sweat. I had a bad sweating problem in my teens that seemed to go away on it's own but that was the ONLY thing that worked. I'd literally sweat through everything, so embarrassing!

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    Deodorant is for odour. Antiperspirant will help with the sweat. I felt I was much the same (late teens were the worst time). I found Sure maximum protection worked best (stick cream like deodrant).

    I now use Mitcham and that also seems to work well for me.

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    Deodorant is not for "Sweat Stains". It is to reduce ODOR.

    Any solution would be found by discussing the problem with your Physician.

    Presuming you mean underarm stains, Try purchasing and using "Shields".

    Use Goldbond body powder instead of deodorant.

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    Google "underarm sweat pads". There are several kinds that will take care of your problem.

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    Use an antiperspirant deodorant. If that doesn't work you may need a prescription for something stronger.

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    Deodorant or antiperspirant? Deodorant won't stop the stains, but antiperspirant might. Also, do you wash under your arms every day, I only ask because there might be a build up. Rub vinegar into your shirts where they stain, give them a cold wash and then a normal wash.

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