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Atheists, is it a fact or opinion that God does not exist?

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    I am not an atheist, but just want to state that it has got to be an opinion that God does not exist.

    All atheists do not acknowledge accountability to God.  A recent definition of atheism is "a lack of belief in gods."The wording keeps atheism from being defined in a provable or disprovable statement, which makes it ineligible to require proof or evidence, things which many atheists demand from people who believe in God.In other words,

    if an atheist said "God does not exist'' they can't prove it, because they cannot look for him all over the universe.

    However, those who seek God humbly, respectfully and sincerely, find him, and that discovery is so compelling, it motivates many to live in harmony with his guidance and direction.

    If some atheists say that they do not declare "there is no God", some may be referencing, and trying to avoid being identified with, the statement in the Bible that says that a fool says in his heart "there is no God"  Psalms 14:1

    An atheist website outlined seventeen kinds of atheists, demonstrating different kinds of atheistic philosophy and activities. A responder to a similar question actually listed them there.  The Pew Foundation, an international surveying company that concentrates on belief and religion even said that some who say that they are atheists actually do believe in God, perhaps not the one in the Bible, or any God to whom they have to be accountable.

    However, God our Creator is real.  Indeed, the fact that he does exist, plus the evidence of his existence is what convinces many people that he does, including scientists and others.  This by itself shows that having a personal relationship with our Creator is not some kind of irrational delusion of unintelligent illiterates.

    Scientists who are committed Christians

    Scientists who believe in God

    It is also about our seeking and finding a greater meaning to life, and the reasons why we are here.  We are not just some kind of chance genetic accident.  The very fact that we ask these questions is very human.

    Seeking our Creator can lead to a deep peace of mind when we find him.  There is also statistical research that shows that atheists are more likely to become addicted to dangerous drugs, suffer from depression or commit suicide-

    Having a hope beyond this life, which for many is unfair and way too short, tends to add to the value of this life, because it helps people to recognize that there is more than this.

    And valuing one's own life can also encourage valuing the lives of others.

    However, an atheist can do good things or not do good things, and they still remain an atheist. At least the theist, specifically the Christian, has a written definition of what is good, and if that person does not do it, they will know that they did bad. However, if that person wants to please God, knowing and loving Him can be a strong incentive to correct him or herself, and God's reminders can move that person to take steps so that it did not happen again - that is what Jesus' teaching, example, and sacrifice is for, and love for him provides even more incentive to practice what is right.

    Although there are many atheists who donate to charity, this site compares such donations with those who believe in God.

    Some atheists become such because of seeing a bad example in someone, perhaps a family member or a religious leader.

    Some either have seen or have become victims of the negative behavior of people in the world in general.

    Some want to do something that God or a religious teacher told them that they must not do.

    Some have heard religious teachings that did not make moral sense to them.

    All of these situations are about bad things that either they or other people do, but they do not disprove the existence of a Creator.

    The strongest pieces of evidence, in my opinion, are when God's morality is consistently applied to people's lives, it makes their lives happier and better, and when people who rely on Him and seek His will get their prayers answered (not the ridiculous "scientific experiments")

    Is There a God?

    Who Made God?

    People Say that God is Cruel

    There are lots of theories about how the universe came into existence since there is definite evidence of a beginning.  The big bang theory, the expanding and contracting universe, an array of multiverses, dark matter, and alien seeding are among the more popular theories that are taking up the time and research money in various institutes and research universities.

    However, the uniqueness of the earth, and the precise fine-tuning of the laws governing existence, and life, as well as the clear evidence of a beginning of the universe, strongly points to an intelligent cause of these things. It makes sense that whatever caused the universe must be capable of doing so.

    This takes intelligence that plans in a far-reaching, purposeful manner, and the power to produce and manipulate existence, space, time, energy, matter, and life.

    None of these other methods even hint at such a capability. And intelligence requires a mind. Why deny this Mind who is so obviously there?

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    Neither.  It's a fact, though, that I do not believe in God.  It is not just my opinion that I don't believe in God; in fact I'm quite certain that I don't believe in God.  My reason is that there is a total lack of empirical evidence for a deity.

    Update:  I invite thumbs-downers to provide what they believe to be empirical evidence for the existence of God.

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    • Broton
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      What about the items on the Moon that were left behind? Like the mirror that tells us the Moon is drifting away

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    Since the existence of a God or multiple Gods cannot be proven then the belief in God or the belief against are both opinions

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    I’ll have to side with Hawking, Hitchens, Bertrand russel, Spinoza....god does not exist.  It is the simplest most logical position.

    What’s the point of an interim position?  

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  • John S
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    The trend that I've seen is that Atheists (we'll call them 'new atheists' as compared to classical atheism of the 20th century) is to more and more refer to Atheism as 'merely a personally held belief' or 'a decision they've made about their personal view of the evidence'  -- or something along that lines that makes it more like a personally held belief or opinion than objective fact. 

    To ME - this speaks tremendously to the inroads that Christian apologetic has made. That Atheism has retreated from a STRONG truth claim about the Universe to a mere personal viewpoint or belief. 

    It also weakens their overall arguments, because as a personal decision, a personal viewpoint, or a personally held belief - they have MORE in common with most Theists and their arguments tend to run more along the lines similar to theistic arguments. 

    Now there are still Atheists that are adamant that absolutely NO god(s) exist PERIOD, but they are increasingly fewer in #. 

    MOST Atheists, even on this Q&A forum, when hard pressed - tend to fall back to a more Agnostic position. 

    Even debates by Scientists (who are NOT philosophers) and actual Philosophers -- tend to go something like this: "The evidence SEEMS to point in the direction that God most likely does not exist - so we are better to just operate AS-IF he doesn't exist, even if we can not disprove that he does."

    So basically they say: "You're just gonna assume."

    All over the Q&A forums I see Atheists reducing the classical definition of Atheist to that of a personal opinion.

    But of course -- when they feel like it is a battle of who is right -- of course some will fire back with "it's a fact!" - because why wouldn't they? What does it cost them? This question doesn't ask them to rigorously debate or defend it. So why not say 'fact' since it sounds better and makes them feel right. 

  • Paul
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    1 month ago

    "In their opinion", of course.

    • Wilma1 month agoReport

      christian = narcissist

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  • 1 month ago

    Neither, it is the rejection of the positive claim that is not evidently true

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    You can know that it is a fact, but most atheists take the position that it is a fact we cannot even reason the "real" possibility to be agnostic about. There are too many contradictions to the concept of God that makes it like a square circle. We will never have evidence of nonexistence as is the case for square circles, but we can reason why something can never exist and that becomes a fact.

  • Jake
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    1 month ago

    God DOES exist and a person can know this with certainty by way of having true devotion to the Virgin Mary.

    • ?
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      That's not proof!

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  • 1 month ago

    You're inability, nor anyone elses ability, to prove that God exists makes it a fact.

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