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How do I proceed with a fraudulent cryptocurrency company I found?

I found out 1 particular cryptocurrency company has real licenses to operate from global central banks and real partnerships with telecom operators. They created their token with 100 Billion in total supply. This company team tells people they have great things ahead and try and get people to buy the token. When the token goes up in value the team dumps hundreds of millions to BILLIONS of tokens dumping the price HARD! I have proof of this.

So this is market manipulation, but is this also money laundering of some kind. What else is this? Also, do I present my evidence to the SEC or their partners and those central banks where they got their operational licenses?

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    3 months ago

    If you're aware I have a company that does this take advantage of it and wait tell they manipulate the market and bring the price down to practically nothing and buy it. And then when they increase the price so that they can do it to somebody else turn around and sell the cryptocurrency! that's all part of the game you have to learn how to play the game and good luck trying to prosecute a cryptocurrency company it's implied risk when you go to a baseball game and get hit by a baseball you can't sue them it's implied risk you know cryptocurrency is extremely risky! It's backed by absolutely nothing except a Chinese guy at the other end of the line picking his nose!

    • Rock3 months agoReport

      I don't want to sue them. I want to get their partners to drop them. I want the central banks to bar them from operations. That way the company dies. I'm not looking to sue them, just add bad pressure on them to make their lives more difficult.

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