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Is the best option for the Carolina panthers to rebuild, to tank next year, assuming they dont already stink bad enough?

First of i am a Panthers fan. If you're a panthers hater or a football hater, please don't reply. Secondly if you have a problem with teams tanking, DONT reply. Tanking, or intentionally doing bad or not trying their “best” to get good draft pics is a VALID strategy to build a good NFL team. Unfortunately it means at least one season will be terrible, maybe more, but if done right you can avoid being mediocre for 10 years or more like the Browns or Miami.

That being said, since Carolina won too many games and only got the 7th pic, thats not high enough to get a good QB, and they need so many pieces. If cam doesn't come back— i dont think we need to question if they will tank. THE PANTHERS WILL NEVER WIN A GAME AGAIN with Garbage Allen and Turd Grier. If cam comes back they might be able to win 2 or 3 games which might be too much.

Wouldnt it be better to build around McCaffrey and just tank to get as many high picks for the draft next year to fill in the gaps they need? They have ONE good player- now that Luke Kuechly retired and everyone else is utter worthless garbage. Im not huge on Cam but he unfortunately better than any of the realistically available free agents.

Oh and btw tanking is painful but theres no reason to follow a rebuilding team anyways until its good so who care about the


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    Teams that have been winning consistently in the last decade (or longer) like the Patriots, Packers, Seahawks and Steelers never draft high. Even the Packers after a couple of losing seasons did not stink bad enough to land a top 10 pick.

    Looking at those teams, for a Chad Pennington(13th)  there was a Tom Brady (199th), for an Alex Smith (1st) there was an Aaron Rodgers(24th), for an Eli Manning (1st) there was a Ben Roethlisberger (11th), and for an Andrew Luck (1st) there was a Russell Wilson (75th).

    In other words, teams that know how to evaluate the talent have better chances than teams that often draft high like the Dolphins, Browns and Jets.

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    It is going to be hard to find a bunch of players willing to tank.Yes in the NFL players and coaches are playing for their jobs A high draft pick doesn't gurentee success!I said this when people would say the Colts should suck for Luck.I do believe that if anyone was told to throw a game the FBI would be getting involved as well.Fixing games is illegal

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    In today's NFL, high draft picks are more of a punishment than anything else. You tie up a lot of guaranteed money in a guy who has about an 80% chance of being a bust. Even if the guy you pick turns out okay you still have 52 other spots to fill and you've already spent a lot of money. 

    Compare the Browns in their expansion years with all of those high 1st round picks to the Patriots who haven't had a high 1st round pick in over 20 years. 

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    It's better to rebuild without tanking.

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