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Apartment situation what can I do?

I am been looking up information on what i can do in my situation? I been leaving in my apartment over 10 to 15 years now and I notice other apartment are getting fix. I told the manager about it and they said they cant fix mine. I would have to give them half of what it's going to cost to fix it or they could also raise my rent. Now, ever since then I notice that I get cockroach in my apartment. Last time water was coming out from the silling in the bathroom and also I notice that the carpet is old now and its getting nasty from the bottom. I also mention to the manager that the apartment walls are paper thin and maybe there is no insulation because new neighbor move in and I believe they have wood floor and the sound of their footsteps are making everything load and my walls shake. I mention to the manager and showed videos about what is going on and they tell me they will fix it but never do anything. I live in california and maybe we can move but I take care of my mom and I am only with the income and moving I cant do. I been thinking maybe I can save up and fix everything little by little but I am finally tired of it and there is so much information in google. If anyone can give some advice. It would be great. 

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    You got what you rented and it is your responsibility to maintain it properly.  The landlord is not required to make you comfortable to any higher standards than what you rented.  If you don't like it, move when your lease is up.  You can report ONE cockroach but if it ONLY one, then are you sure it's a cockroach?

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      I meant to say more than one and they started to show up after they fix the upstairs apartment. 

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    if carpet is getting nasty, likely your fault for not cleaning it.

    how does your mom not have income?  unless she is an undocumented immigrant, either she would have a job or be getting disability if she can't work.

    you can put something down for cockroaches yourself...if the problem continues and there are more, notify the LL in writing and if he falls to address it, report it to the housing inspector.

    rugs don't need to be replaced unless they are falling apart and a trip hazard...and LL could opt to leave you with no rug.

    paper thin walls are a fact of apartment living, LL doesn't need to do anything.

    the leak needs to be addressed, again report it in writing, and then contact the housing inspector if it there a bathroom above yours?  maybe the tenant let the tub over flow.

    and as the LL said, YOU WOULD NEED TO PAY  more for upgrades....just like the rent on the upgraded units will be higher.

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    They have no obligation what so ever to upgrade or renovate your unit regardless of how long you have lived there.  Other units getting done has nothing to do with you & does not make you entitled to anything.  They do not have to do anything with the carpet unless it poses a health or safety issue.  Nor are they required to do anything about thin walls or poor insulation. Apartments are notoriously cheaply built & there is nothing you can do about it. 

    The ONLY thing you posted that they have to do anything about is the cockroaches & the ceiling leak.  There are legally required steps in every state that tenants have to follow to make landlords fix those kinds of problems.  The 1st legally required step is to notify them in writing. It does not matter how many times you told them. It has to be in writing before you can take further action. 

    DO NOT put money into rented property. Besides being a very poor financial choice most apartments would never allow it.  Some landlords of houses allow that but not apartments. 

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  • Scott
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    You can always move to a nicer place.

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    usually when a tenant moves out they spruce up the apartment for a new tenant and they are able to rent it little bit higher then. if they renovate your apartment thy will raise a rent, otherwise why would they renovate it. also where will u go during the renovation time? and walls are paper thin in all apartments, not only in yours. this is why people prefer to live in own houses

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    What have you been doing about the thin walls and lack of insulation for the past 15 years?

    You saw "a" single bug?

    "Last time water was coming out from the silling in the bathroom"

    This is also confusing. Did it happen one time? Do you always have water leaking from the ceiling?

    Are you living in some sort of rent-controlled unit?

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