How can I organise my old computer data? (HELP!!)?

Okay... So lets just say I have a little bit of an organisational problem and I would like to clean it up.

I have a **** ton of USBs and hard drives some used (some of which are shown in the image), some not and I am not sure how I can sort and organise both the USBs and external hard drives as well as the data spread across all of them.All the data needs to be kept, just sorted correctly. It is mostly all archived stuff from work.

Any suggestions please let me know


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2 Answers

  • Olive
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Always could try putting all the usbs in like Ziploc bag and seal them up and mark USB PC Data on front of it or whatever container can put in as well as hard drives and mark Hard Drive Data. Later you can always go to where stored them

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  • 1 month ago

    Hm... If it were me I'd get something like a plastic mini chest of drawers or three- the one's about a handwidth or two tall- or a buncha plastic containers.

    I'd then go through them all and oh what a pain that looks to be- delete anything you don't need anymore and make sure each usb only has a single type of thing or a single topic and with masking tape and a fine tipped marker or a pen write what's on it and put it in a place with others like it and with more masking tape label what's in it- for example one container full of music usbs with every usb a different genre.

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