For all Americans in Australia! Food question see details! ?

I’m an American who just recently moved to Australia! Now I’m making homemade dishes and they just won’t turn out the same with the ingredients I use over here even though they are the “same” if you have any suggestions on well any meal or if you know things what work better for making homemade dishes I’d love the help!! Trying to get used to how Australia is with their food! But don’t think I will 

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  • 8 months ago

    There are some things in Australia that just are not the same but you can buy American brands. Like mayonnaise is not as good but when I was there they had Hellman's. Also they have some sausages that I tried twice but gave up on them. I don't know if they were called bangers but they were awful tasted like sawdust or as I imagine sawdust would taste like. And the ground beef they called minced and it just was not the same. So I discovered they have some things there that are better then over here like their loin lamb chops were lower priced and fresher tasting than what I bought here and if is so good that even if you are not a lamb eater try them as they are so good. Their steaks are very good too. And their prawns which are like a large shrimp are fresh and delicious. Also if you go out to eat their fish and chips are as good as what I tasted in London and there is nothing like it in the states as what we call fish and chips never come close. There are some other sea foods that we don';t have in the states like the Brisbane bug which is like a crab or crayfish and there are all sorts of others that are good so if you like sea food try a variety plate of their shell fish. Their pizzas are good and I made homemade there with no problem. If you make Chinese dishes you can buy nice real Chinese steel woks there. I even brought mine home with me. If you need kitchen supplies you can get everything you need at flea markets real cheap which is what I did. . .

  • polly
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    8 months ago

    Buy a copy of Ian Hewitsons celebrity chef cookbook

    "Huey's bloody good recipe's"

    It has 50 master recipe's in it & over 400 recipe variations by Australia's favourite TV chef

  • Satan
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    8 months ago

    easiest thing to do, is get an Australian cook book

    Also, ensure youre still not using American measures, as Australian ones are different.

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