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hi i want study abroad by air traffic controller. and i dont know how get scholarship so please help me and recommend me?


what really need to become air traffic controller

and what i really do now 

which university is good

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  • 8 months ago

    You do NOT study abroad for air traffic controller. You can only work in your country of citizenship, and must obtain the requisite education & training in your country, meet your country's requirements for such positions. Furthermore, air traffic control is not a university degree. Typical requirements are a bachelor's degree, then admission to your country's air traffic control school. So you would have to be eligible to work in your country to get into your country's training program.

    ALL air traffic controllers worldwide must also be fluent in English. It's the lingua franca of international travel.

  • 8 months ago

    Always a good plan to start by stating your country as 'abroad' is anywhere outside your country.  Then also a good plan to think about what you are trying to do.  If your plan is (for instance) to work as an air traffic controller, it is most unlikely that overseas study will qualify you but this is something for you to determine.

    But, as everywhere in the world except France uses English for air traffic control, your first step should be to improve your English which is awful. 

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