What is actually located inside my dorm’s staff resource room?

Off of our dorm lobby is a room marked “staff resource room”. I see RAs go in there and spend quite a bit of time in there quite often. Is this a security control room with monitors for all the cameras? Is it the “op center” where calls to the RAs ring into?

It has a swipe card lock on the door and the entrance is always kept locked and non staff members are never allowed into the room so I assume due to tight security it serves a security function.

Is it an alarm monitoring center? One RA told me that access was a liability issue due to hazardous machines and tools located in the room. It is by the elevators so it might house the elevator pulleys and winch motors and controls for the elevators. Does it also have maintainance tools in there for minor repairs to the building?

Is it a glorified janitors closet? I never hear machine noise from the room? So where else would the elevator machinery be located? I know some of the heating and ac units are located in our buildings laundry and utility room and the water heaters are also located in that room in the basement so what would be in that room?


Is it wiring for the computer networks and computer network equipment and servers and such, and do the RAs go in there to service and repair the network when it breaks down? What could be located in this room?

Update 2:

One RA told me that they use it as a “craft room” which I assume is where they might make keys and stuff and make lock cores and make spare parts to maintain the building, I could see that the key cutting machine is potentially dangerous?

Also they might have a saw to cut spare ceiling tiles to replace damaged ones?

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  • 1 month ago

    Depends on the school & the building design. NO way for anyone who is not an RA with authorized access to know what that room contains & is used for. You don't even state which dorm building at which university in which country! If you go to school there & don't know what that room is all about, how can strangers guess when we don't even know which country you're in!

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  • 1 month ago

    May be just a sound proofed room they can go scream in after dealing with their residents all day.

    • Diane A
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      1 month agoReport

      with a big couch!

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