Why an Ana test? Then what?

I had a biopsy on my scalp to see if it was skin cancer and it came back benign. But the pathology report could not rule out an auto immune disease something about the tissue or the cells and they thought I should pop in and have a blood test just to rule that out ...I have no other symptoms of anything. The spot on my head was tiny. is that something I should be worried about?. She made it sound like just to rule it out. But even if it test positive then what? it just wasn’t explain to me very well and I decided I would just go in April on my next visit to talk about it. I am confused. 

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  • 8 months ago

    The biopsy showed that  you don't have cancer but it did show evidence of an autoimmune disorder that needs to be ruled out with further testing. You need to have the blood test done so one can get a definitive diagnosis other than simply not cancer. 

    If the tests come back positive then more testing along with a referral to a rheumatologist is in order. Autoimmune disorders do not get better by ignoring them as they are serious conditions that need to be treated appropriately. They should not be ignored. 

    It's up to  you to have it done now or wait until April if you desire. The doctor won't ignore it or pretend its nothing. If he does then switch doctors. 

  • LAN
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    8 months ago

    When you use a acronym capitalize all the letters.

    Since your test came back benign why are you asking this in the cancer section.   HeII, a biopsy for skin cancer also will not tell you if you have pneumonia either.   Grow up and stop posting about crap that you are imagining to be a problem as it's a colossal waste of everyone's time.

    Without anything to go on symptom wise no doctor would order a test to investigate nothing.

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