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If your late 30’s and life hasn’t worked out so far?

Such as being able to move back out but this time with no roommates and just by himself comfortably in a one bedroom appartment with his current job due to hours being cut for everyone, other jobs of no skill not calling back or considering hiring due to age or whatever, have no criminal record and steady job history, stomachs getting hungry and clothes are worn, at what point can god overlook the fact that such an individual might have to turn to the underworld just to survive for 5 more minutes and just get a small taste of a life he could have had?

Even with college it’s hard for me to get another job. 

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  • Murzy
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    1 month ago

    Network with everyone you know and let them know what you do and that you are looking for a job. I mean barber, the checkout person at the supermarket, friends, former friends, etc.

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      I’ve tried that too. Doesn’t seem to work in my favor. I also shouldn’t have to be friends with someone to get a job. I have friends but I don’t like using people. If I can’t get a job at a Dunkin’ Donuts cleaning toilets or wawa part time, what makes me think I’ll get a job with a degree?

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