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Was I unreasonable?

So I live in a house with 4 other people and we share one bathroom. I've noticed that sometimes I go in there and someone has taken a sh*t but has not opened the window. These housemates love to complain about every little thing and are very anal (pardon the pun) about small stuff so I brought this up and the guy that complains the most about cleanliness (Mr Perfect) was trying to suggest that he didn't see anything wrong with it, that he expects a bathroom to smell bad anyway. Was I being unreasonable for bringing this up?

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    You're not being unreasonable at all.  Did the 5 of you ever sit down and talk through house rules?  Most of us don't do this the 1st time we live with roommates, and then we all learn the hard way why it's so important!  I'd be surprised if this is the only issue floating around, esp with 5 people. 

    You could handle this, maybe humorously, by putting a small sign on the window saying "Open me if you.....".   But if you haven't been living together very long, this might be a clue that the 5 of you should get together and just agree on some basic stuff.  It would be a miracle if this was the only problem.

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    you're clearly not happy so move or buy some bathroom air freshener

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    Buy some air freshner like Oust to spray around the room. So if it stinks when you enter, give a spray and that'll go away immediately. And who knows, maybe some of your "4 other people" will pick up the can now and then and give it a spritz.

    You were not unreasonable to bring it up...after all you five must learn to get along with each other. But don't harp on it as that will just cause ill-feelings all around.

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