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Is it okay that I'm not afraid to fart?

I don't know why people get nervous if they fart in front of people. Like fart! Better out then in.

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    I think it should be fine to fart. Obviously don't PURPOSEFULLY make it long and loud, but just let it out. I was hospitalized for holding in farts once when in was a kid because of how painful it was.

    *Story time* Id been in school all day and we had this weird teacher who sent people out for farting (it wasn't even as a joke Idk if she was OCD or what). When I came home I had what was the worst pain I'd ever felt in my life, right at the pit of my stomach. Worse than being ran over and worse than breaking my arm in 2 places. I tried liver salts, hot water bottles, my mom ran a hot bath but I couldn't even get in it. I couldn't even walk, so my dad had to carry me to the car and drive me to the drop in centre. They said they suspected appendicitis, so I was driven to hospital and carried in. I has tests done, but a while later I let out the most spectacular fart you could have ever heard, thank God I was in a room by myself because I'm sure it rattled through the corridor. I felt fine after that, and I had a cool story to tell about how I'd stayed up until 1am because I needed to fart

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    Yes it is okay.

    It depends on your mood, and how your heart feels.

    But Farting sounds Disgusting.

    A Girl Probably won't want to kiss you, after she hears you fart.

    It is Gross.

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