Will opengl work on a device without a GPU?

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  • oyubir
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    Yes. OpenGL is an API. It works as long as you have a library implementing it.

    If you have an Nvidia GPU, you will use, to implement the API, a nvidia provided library, that knows how to talk with the GPU to have it execute API's function.

    If you don't have any GPU, you can use another implementation of the API that doesn't rely on a GPU. Such as Mesa.

    But obviously, it will be slower. Not a bit slower. Not twice slower. Really, really slower. Slower to a point that a very simple task with a GPU can be undoable (nobody will have the patience to wait that long) with Mesa.

    Mesa is ok to train to use OpenGL. Or for very simple usages.

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