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Old Management Company has been replaced by new company.  Can the HOA just not pay us?


We work for the management company that works for the HOA.  President of the board is making this a hostile environment and not wanting to pay us.  What can I do?  She also found out if we work 32 hours they have to pay benefits, so she decided to cut back our time so they do not have to pay benefits.  

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    You are not employed by the HOA so what makes you think that they owe you anything?  It's the company that you work for - the one that works for the HOA that owes you.  Leave the HOA OUT of the equation.   They have every right to cut your hours and if you are not working the number of hours that entitle you to benefits, too bad.  That's life.  I know there's more to this story because you have also interjected that the President is making it a hostile environment.  So what.  You really don't understand the term, so don't use it.  ASK for your paycheck - the one you are owed.  If he won't hand it over, ask why.

    Source(s): Certified Paralegal, with 25+ years' experience & with Employment law experience.
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