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If Athiests don't know everything, how do they know the God does not exist? Are they just guessing and picking favourites?

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    They are just guessing, but they guessed wrong, dear.  They are hoping their wrong choice will somehow become right, but it won't, dear.  They don't have a single shred of evidence to support their hope either, dear, just wishful thinking.

    Atheism, by many accounts, is very stupid, dear.

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    Do you have to know all of mathematics to know that 2+2 does not equal 5? Here's a better example, do you have to know everything to understand why a square circle cannot exist? Many times we can rule out what "isn't" based on what we do know. I know that complex existence can "always" be traced back to simpler beginnings because that is the absolute nature of complexity, it is formed over time grouping simpler blocks/forces together. I also know that "all" of existence has natural limits because it is a requirement. A magical, nature defying, super Being would contradict this knowledge and like the square circle cannot exist. On the other hand, we do have energy that cannot be created, thus has always existed and is found in "all" existence as that simple, basic building block for all of complexity. We can know we should be looking for simpler beginnings, not more complex beginnings that magically violate the natural order of complexity. That is how I "know" a God cannot exist. There is a lot more examples that I could give you that the concept of God just can't be and if you go the other way, there are mountains of evidence that the concept is purely man made.

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    Peter Gore Seer,

     Religions Bully, Beat,Torture, Chain, Imprison, Create Mass Destruction Slavery, And Squabble With Each Other, And When They Have Got Bored With Each Other Turn On Atheists, History Stops All The Guessing,

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    And if you and every god believer don't know anything, how do you explain that you know that a god exists? Try to think, if you can, then prove that thingie god that you claim to know exists.

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    1. "Atheist"

    2. Well, have ANY supernatural gods been demonstrated to exist?

    3. No

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    Just guessing and skewing the evidence by cherry-picking favourable facts? Christians should know all about that, they've been doing this for two millenia! Every theology out, and I mean every theology from RC to JW, is established by cherry-picking and strip-mining the Bible for the arguments you want while ignoring the stuff that doesn't fit.

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    Someone on here once said no one can see God and yet live.  But remember that Jesus showed himself to the ladies first after he was said to have returned from the dead so maybe they do not know as much as they think they do.

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    I don't know that God doesn't exist.  I just know that I don't believe in God.  I try to base my beliefs on empirical evidence rather than wishful thinking, but that doesn't automatically mean that wishful thinking is wrong.

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    It's not "knowing." it's actually very similar in the way that religious folks are. both groups believe, with (and I truly hate to say it) absolutely no true and irrefutable evidence. it's obviously not guessing- atheist beliefs are based on a set of data points that definitely point towards a godless reality (such as the Cosmic Microwave Background detection of around 3k, which provided evidence towards the big bang theory, the 3k being the remnants of heat from a younger universe.) religious beliefs, rather than being based on fact, are generally based on a very old book and are "validated" by a feeling. to conclude, atheist beliefs are not set by an old book, reinforced by the constant threat of eternal torture but are rather based on ever-expanding research with a perpetually open mind. it is not "knowing," much like religious beliefs. both parties believe.

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    No, they're fantasizing, without any support, that there is no God.

  • Atheists don't claim to know god does not exist but rather they assert that there is no objective rationally credible evidence whatsoever to support the existence of god so therefore the only sane position to hold is to believe god does not exist.

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