How do all product pictures on some websites have the same exact positioning and format?

Say you're buying t-shirts online, you know how each picture of the store's product looks identical, the only difference is the t-shirt design is different for each image? For example, the picture attached, there's the same wrinkles, the same lighting and positioning... it's not like the photographer got it exactly the same for each product, it looks like each image is fit to a template. How do they do this? Are there really product templates for you to just upload pictures onto and it makes them all look the same?

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  • Chris
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    One way to get this result is to have a torso and a camera in fixed positions. You just pull the shirt over the torso and snap a picture. Then you move to the next shirt. The three photos you attached look like they were produced this way.

    In theory you can however take a single picture of a white shirt, then digitally color it whatever you like and put logos on top. You could even use effects to wrinkle the logo slightly, or make its lighting slightly uneven.

    The second method is taken as far as algorithms auto-generating clothing products for Amazon with meme images on them.

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