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Kenyan sisters shot to death by racist elderly white klan woman after buying home and moving into neighborhood?

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    So, this black commentator picked a fringe example of white trash fighting over territory with blacks?  How many white people have innocently been killed by the lopsided interracial violence perpetrated against us?  50 people are killed a day in America, 45% of murders happen by 3% (young black men).  And does this guy cover Black Hebrew Israelites hurting Jews?  Probably not.  There are now apparently daily attacks against Hasidic Jews over territorial disputes.  One guy online told me he was yelled at in a mall, and I have personally seen Black Hebrew Israelites yelling stuff at Asians in Cincinnati "we will enslave you next."  

    You only care about YOUR race, and don't point out the real problem.  It isn't one old white person in the klan, it is DIVERSITY.  You can even blame all  racial or cultural disputes on whites and it is still due to the diversity.

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    Source(s): The FRUITS of diversity!
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  • See this is why we need to just put all old people down.

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