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Which plot sounds more exciting for a romance/ sex thriller movie?

1. A guy occasionally has sex with a married woman from his job who's seperated on and off. He's cool when she tells him that shes also sleeping with another dude outside of her marriage.

2. A guy is sleeping with a younger woman at his job who has a boyfriend. She tells her friend (who knows she has a boyfriend) about his "penis size" and his sexual performance. They laugh as the friend (who also has a boyfriend) "I'm jealous". The younger woman also told this friend and the guy she slept with about a guy she met online who's now in prison. She's also attracted to him and she visits him sometimes.

3. A guy who has a girlfriend is secretly sleeping with 2 other women. He flirts with a waitress of a different race and he gives her his number.

4. A 30 yr guy has a sex partner who is 6 yrs older than him. She lives downstairs in the same apartment building. She sometimes come to his apartment. They chill and have sex. She's a single mom to a 14 yr old son. She also has a boyfriend. She told the 30 yr old guy and he's cool with it.

5. A guy is having a secret affair with his female supervisor who is the same age as him. All the guys thinks she's hot but she's not interested. Yet shes into the guy who happens to be lucky.

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