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How do I become a Japanese otaku?

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    The phrase "Otaku", essentially, means the same as the English words "Geek" and "Nerd". Specifically, the descriptor signifies a level of specialized or centralized knowledge on a topic, generally a matter of "Pop Culture" or "Tech"...and often carries the implication that this knowledge/aptitude comes at the detriment of social skills.

    With this in mind, to be an Otaku all you need to do is like something that's popular in Japan. Which, realistically, is anything outside of Japan that's originally Japanese. Studio Ghibli films? Anime? Goddamn Pokemon or Power Rangers?


    Most self-described Otaku, especially outside of Japan where it's often self-applied and thus offers a sense of community instead of the insult of ostracizing people for their interests, enjoy multiple avenues.

    For example, within anime there are four general "target audiences": Shonen ('teen boy'), Shojo ('teen girl'), Seinen ('young adult boy), and Josei ('young adult girl').

    Shonen anime tend towards the likes of "Naruto" (also the sequel series "Shippuden") and "Dragon Ball" (and all of its sequel series-es). Seinen anime, meanwhile, is more akin to "Ghost in the Shell" and "Cowboy Bebop".

    One otaku might have seen every Ghost in the Shell movie and both season of the anime, but never saw an episode of "Cowboy Bebop" or any "Gundam" series and won't even give "Yu-Gi-Oh" a chance because it's 'for kids'. Another otaku may have only be interested in "Digimon" or, for a slightly-more-recent series, "Bakugan".

    And then there's me, who's currently listening to nightcore'd vocaloid covers of Kawaii-Pop hits while working on a guide to competitive Pokemon battling in between episodes of the original "Fruits Basket" anime. Because f*ck being constrained to liking only one thing.

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      very thorough answer

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