Is there a Law..for  ?


Is there aLawfor for punishing the person who pushes you to kill ypurself e.g bt drawing you in water and is cold outside..i told manytimes here ..about not receiving the divorce and i am.alteady separated of 10 years 

Update 2:

I suspect even my family of being with some clones by rapists and masons....they had a position at king and i think many women have been raped in my family by co.unists Security .

So this is the securitu to rape the woman of other social reign.

Update 3:

And this is made by the people of Law an arhaism.used here since the vilages 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You forgot the part about being raped repeatedly by the Devil.

    No, there's no law for whatever it is you are talking about and, yes, you've asked about "this" many times.  Hundreds of times, in fact.

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