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Bangs or no bangs with this hair?

My natural hair resembles the wig.. just a couple of inches shorter. Same color, thickness, and wavy texture. I am growing out my thick blunt baby bangs. They are now below my eyes. They are naturally straight for some weird reason. Anyway, I've had bangs most of my life. I've had all one length for a few years too. Should I grow them out completely, have long bangs (around jaw length), or keep them around eyebrows? If it makes a difference, I have big dark brown eyes and a big nose.

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    Depends on your face shape. If you have a long, or oblong face shape you should stay away from blunt cut bangs. Maybe go for longer bangs with long layers, that you can put in a hair clip if you need to. I don't do bangs because of my face shape, and I have a cow lick in the middle of my fore head. 

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