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What if Periera and Martial had put 'those' chances away though... ?

don't want to think about it.

main thing is we got the 3 points.

Man United didn't get a result from todays game because they didn't take their few chances they got.

We won 2-0 today because of some lax defending of theirs ( VDD's first goal was poor marking by them really lets be honest was an easy header ) and the second was just a swift counter on a team putting it all on the line.

We did create a lot of chances but failure to put this game to bed meant they got back into it briefly in the last 15-20 mins.

interesting game though, but it shows others that to get a result against us at Anfield you have to be clinical with your chances to put any sort of pressure on us in games.

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  • Harry
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    I think they definitely would have changed the game, but I still think it would be optimistic to see we would have gone on to win from there.

    Mata should have started too IMO, he's such a clever little player and I was pretty happy he extended, just a shame he doesn't get more of a chance, especially considering we obviously lack creativity, because whilst you guys also had other clear-cut chances, you did eventually seal it and had we created more, we could have potentially found the back of the net too and whilst we still could have gone on to lost, at least it could have highlighted how important some players are to us and that we can do well against the big sides.This brings up a key point I've mentioned before, about the timing of chancing being key too, especially as it was 1-0 for a long time and no matter how much a team dominates, the opposition can punish you, even if you they only get one chance and whilst we weren't clinical, we definitely had 1-2 clear-cut chances, which I think could have changed the game.I agree with the rest, like you guys were definitely the better team, but we did have good spells, because both sides knew there was only 1 goal in it and we know the importance and what getting a goal does for the team, scoreline aside.It definitely proves than whoever plays you guys, must be clinical and if you've wait so long to win the league, then from your POV, how awesome would it be to do it in style, by refusing to lose a single game in the league, you could almost say it was worth waiting so long, massive credit to you guys though, in all seriousness.The first goal was so easy FFS, just towered over us.Rashford looks to be out for a little while too, which is a shame TBH.

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  • August
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    They will never put them away wearing a girly kit like that

  • They didn't. Liverpool missed several sitters (Salah, Mane and Henderson were unlucky).

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