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How can I find what to do with my life?

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    1. Nobody is in complete control of their destiny, so trying to make a firm plan for your whole life is a fool's game. There may be some things, like marriage, where you need to anticipate the likely long term scenario but more often you can only focus on the short term decisions and see where they lead.

    2. Nobody lives a fulfilling life by trying to live entirely for themselves and their own pleasure. It's often better to ask yourself 'what ought I to do?' rather than 'what do I want to do?'

    3. Perhaps the biggest question to consider is whether you have a vocation to marry and raise a family, or whether you have a vocation to live a single life and make productive use the freedom that gives you. The answer may not be immediately obvious, but over time you will see which way your life seems to be heading.

    4. Be realistic and listen to advice from those who know you well.

    5. Remember that this world is passing and few things matter as much as they seem to. At the Last Judgement, the questions will be how much did we love God and seek virtue, not how successful or comfortable were our brief earthly lives.

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    I want to recommend that you contact your local city college or junior college and ask about vocational testing.

    This testing will help to point out your strong points and where your interests lie in life and it will suggest different jobs that would not only interest you but would put your strengths out front.

    Look into it.

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    by trial and error, like everyone else......

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