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Why do people eat so much in one day? ?

I know this might not get any answers, but i'm really wondering...why do humans eat so much in one day? Here's a little story to why i'm asking this.

So my mother has started to do work full time everyday, which means I have to start doing the dishes. I don't mind doing the dishes at all, but I have to wash them everyday. Seems fine right? Mayne 12 or 3 plates in the sink..I could handle that! No...

Everyday I clean LITERALLY EVERY PLATE in this house and the next day they are all piled in the sink like I hadnt even cleaned them the day before. It baffles me. Is this how it normally is for other people? Besides my mom eating, her ex boyfriend sometimes comes over and eats. Another mouth to feed, another dish to clean.

I don't eat that much everyday, but I still manage to not starve myself. I'm a relatively skinny person with a high metabolism. I have the ability to eat a lot of food and not gain weight...but I dont. I usually just eat cereal and bread, or make myself ramen when i'm hungry. Other than that, i don't need to go into the kitchen much. Though, my mom and her ex boyfriend on the other hand..

I don't even understand why they eat so much in one day. While I eat 2 peices of bread and 1 pancake and I'm stuffed like a turkey on Thanksgiving. Perhaps its because they move a lot in one day? Lately i've been staying indoors to catch up on schoolwork and exams. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Idk. I need answers 

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    They have eating problems. It's just like an eating disorder except you just continuously eat. It isn't healthy at all.

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    My family used to be champions at dirtying dishes.   I would wake up and have to wash about 40 dishes, plus silverware, fry pan, about 6 other assorted pans then I would go do laundry. 

    After laundry it was back to washing a dozen bowls, glasses and cups, silverware and several large dinner plates, more pots and pans, move even more junk from the other rooms including many dishes, I would wash another load or two usually 25 minutes to each load, everything got put away then I would then be  putting away laundry and clean the bathroom and collect yet more dirty dishes. 

    By the time I got back downstairs to try and make lunch there were about 30 dishes not including silverware.  I would make soup and sandwiches for myself, the kid and my father, then I would go grocery shopping.  When I got home some 2 hours later.... you guessed it, several pans to reheat the soup, after all the big one couldn’t be heated and an of coarse using the microwave was out because it heated soup unevenly.  Many spooked, glades and bowls in the sink.  Many coffee cup plates full of peanut butter and jelly in the sink.  Another load. 

    Dinner would get started, hoe there would be more plates in the sink I never understood but wash dishes and cook food.  Isn’t that normal?  Then the family would complain I was taking so long.  I told them if I wasn’t doing a load of dishes every hour on the hour i could catch up on my work.  

    I would make sure everything was washed and put away before I went to bed at 8 pm, when I got up at 10 pm to leave for work, not only the sink would be full, but the table, counters and stove top would be fuller diehre, pots 2nd pend.  In 2 hours every piece of silverware (service of 16) and my dinnerware (plates, cups, bowls etc) service for 12 people, two complete sets of pots and pans all dirtied up within 2 hours of eating dinner.  All used for snacks etc.  

    If I still lived in a family of 12 go 16 boys I could see, but I was down to the kid of 12 years 9ld, my father husband and myself.

    What the sad part was nobody danced to be a “pig” and eat too much in one sitting so when they made a sandwich they would only make a half, or one piece of toast, then go to eat it.  A couple minutes later decide they are still hungry they would get up and make another half, new plate, knife etc then stick it in the sink.

    They did this for everything they ate, soup was eaten 1/2 cup at a time, new dishes every serving, but never at the same sitting.  This went for pizza cut into squares, one piece per plate used.

    It’s not always the fact people eat so much, take what little you eat.  If you were in my family, you would pour the milk in a separate glass, pour your cereal into a bowl, then head to the table, go fetch yet another clean bowl, pour a tiny bit of cereal in the here one, out a splash of milk on your cereal then eat it. If you want to drink milk you would need to get another glass, fill that with different milk to drink and go back to the table.

    Now your stuck with extra cereal in the bowl, extra non drinking milk in the glass, so you pour the remaining milk down the drain, you dump the half bowl of cereal in the trash.  Just for a bowl of cereal you have dirtied 6 dishes and 3  spoons. To add toast to it is one plate for out of the toaster, one plate to butter the toast and yet another to serve the toast on the table and a clean plate to eat the piece of toast off of.

    Makes no sense.

    I die try making my son wash dishes but he only washed the insides of the glasses and bowls, the top service off the plated and never used anything but ice cold water.   It took only a week for everything to get spots on it and the kid couldn’t figure out why.  He refused to eat from dirty dishes but I reminded him it was his turn for dishes and he will need to eat from them or rewash using soap and hot water. Washing both sides of them.

    It’s great that your helping your mom by doing the dishes.  Kids should help out around the house and have some chores to do.  It does not seem fair that they keep having to work, but think about some kids that are doing things like laundry, vacuuming, cleaning the house, cooking the meals, sewing and repairing clothes. Making grocery lists and doing the shopping. Doing dishes and most of the household responsibilities including getting their younger siblings ready for school and babysitting after school, just to help make ends meet.

    There are also a number of kids that believe it’s their rights as a kid not to need to do any chores, they should be allowed to play whenever and whenever they want to, have and  whatever toys they want when they want them and if the parents don’t provide these needs the kids cry abuse or they run away because they think they have it so terribly bad.

    I’m not sure why your family is going through so many dishes, but some families do.  Using paper towel for sandwiches or a paper plates can help, but can get expensive.  We literally went through 300 plates a week for a family of 4 pathetic as it sounds but they were a blessing during  the holidays so I could get out if the kitchen here and there.

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    My grandfather used to ask "Do you eat to live or live to eat.' and the your answer is in how they answer that question.

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    Tell them to reuse the dishes and bowls. That’s what I do so I don’t have to wash many dishes. I could use the dishwasher but too much trouble having to take the dishes out and put them away.

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    Why does her EX boyfriend come over to eat? Most people aren't eating enough. They seem to have active lives so they require more calories than you. You can do what I do and use paper plates and plastic utensils. Only dishes I have to wash are pots, pans, and a blender.

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    Do they smoke weed? smoking gives people the munchies. But if they're active and always moving that's probably why also. Cherish your high metabolism though as you get older it gets harder to maintain it you have to build a little muscle and do cardio and healthy and drink lots of water to up your metabolism. It's pretty fun though :) exercise will give you a natural high and it feels amazing.

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