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How to get over anxiety (going out at night, work tomorrow, etc)?

I've had anxiety in different forms for a very long time. At least since I was in kindergarten. I'm a working adult now. 28 years old. I have a boyfriend. I have friends, hobbies, etc. But there is just something I can't do after a certain time. When it gets dark, I feel like I need to be home, get home, stay home. And there's another one where I have work tomorrow, I have to wake up early so I can get off work early and not deal with traffic or people. And honestly I'm quite sick of it. I'm sick of living in a stuck routine when it doesn't have to be that. I can barely go to the grocery store. I'd rather order things online. I just really need help and I feel like my mind just won't budge or get over it.

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    You can see your doctor and he will give advice.

    Maybe see a therapist.

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