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Terminator: Dark Fate. If you haven't seen it. Spoilers?

Why wasn't there someone there to save John? Every time a Terminator was sent back to kill John, someone was sent back to save him. The rebellions in the future knows the time and location the Terminator was sent to and would send someone there to protect John. So why this time, there was no one there to save John? Yes, I understand the director wanted to kill John off but it makes no sense that no one was sent to save John this time when they had always done it.

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    Because Skynet sent back several Terminators at once, but to different times.  And then the future changed and Skynet never existed.  So the Resistance that John led never existed.  Basically, the Terminators in the past were just relics of a future that never happened.  The Resistance didn't have an opportunity to send anyone else back before their future ceased to exist and a new one overwrote them.

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    Because this was a woke feminist Terminator movie. They killed the white alpha male savior and replaced him with a brown beta female.

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    that movie is woke trash, why would you even go see it? They killed john off because he was a straight white male of course. The movie was nothing more than a leftist's sick wet dream. Why would you give money to go see that trash? Did you not see the trailers?? 

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