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Name calling in relationship ?

Whenever my boyfriend and I get into an argument or small disagreements he always calls me names ( stupid, weird, dumb, stubborn *** etc. ) Never anything like b*tch though. I told him a few weeks ago that I do not like that and he needs to quit calling me names because it’s disrespectful and doesn’t make me feel good about myself. He said he would “work on it”. Yesterday we go into an argument that could have been avoided from getting heated but he used all of those names multiple times within 10 minutes which really hurt me and made me upset. I told him once again that does not work for me and if he wants this relationship to work he can’t be saying those things. In his own words he said “Thats just my vocabulary I call everybody that and you can’t expect me to change my vocabulary and you will never find someone who won’t call you those names because thats how everyone is.” Needless to say that took me back a little bit. I have already explained in detail that I view that as disrespect and verbal abuse but he doesn’t seem to comprehend that the same way. I really love and care for him and want this relationship to work. Any advice? 

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    Everyone DOES NOT CALL THEIR PARTNERS NAMES. Your boyfriend is a totalAsshole who is not willing to change.

    If you move on, he will call the next girl stupid and other names, too. And i'm sure he called th last one names.

    ThisShit would be a deal breaker for me. I'm not stupid, you're not stupid, either. So don't be stupid.

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  • 1 month ago

    You should find a boyfriend that you get along with.  That way there will be fewer arguments. 

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