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What's different between "dating" and "friends with benefits"?

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    Dating is about going together, having fun, doing stiff you both enjoy. Your'e both working on your relationship, you might end up liking each other, kissing,getting more serious and who knows what else.

    FWB - just an arrangement with someone you just have sex with at a time and place you both agree on. Your are not obligated to each other. You don't love them or don't intend to date them. it just an arrangement.

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    Dating is going out and getting to know each other better for a possibly potential relationship if two people find they are compatible. If not, they go their separate ways given time.

    Friends with benefits is about sex and maybe being friends. Some become friends, some don't. Some try to date but that usually doesn't work out because you can't base a relationship on a penis and a vagina.

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    IMO - Boyfriend / Girlfriend or a Booty call. 

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    EVERYBODY thinks FWB (Friends With Benefits) is about SEX 

    and that is just a bunch of BS. 

    FWB is about being "Comfortable and Expressive" with someone. It's ALL the Benefits of a Relationship WITHOUT the Restrictions of One on One or Exclusive Commitment. 

    It could INCLUDE Sex, but it DOES NOT mean SEX. 

    I have had about 7 women as FWB at the same time. 

    (Yes, I'm a S_UT, but have memories of an experience most guys haven't even Fantasized about) 

    We always had fun, but I DID NOT have sex with all of them. We were all at age of consent. We could say Yes or No to ANYTHING we wanted or didn't. 

    FWB kills the loneliness and satisfies Desires of Affection. 

    Even people in Relationships DO NOT always have Sex. 

    FWB is the same... Just No Restriction about Dating or having sex with others. Kinda like "An Open Relationship" or What "Swinging" is to Married folks.

    A Date is ANY EVENT that has a memory attached to it, 

    NO MATTER what label you give it 

    The only thing required is 2 people (or more) and an event. 

    When you think about it in the future, if you can remember it, the people and activity… it was a Date. Just not a Romantic One. 

    The idea for Dating is to find out if there is anything between two people. Attraction is based on looks, but personality will let you know if you are worth each other's while. Muscles and Make Up attract guys and girls to each other, 

    but if the personalities SUCK, you have Nothing. 

    If you are not sure about a person, THAT IS WHY YOU DATE THEM. 

    To find out and be SURE and not worry or guess. 

    Just TALK. Get to know each other. 

    You NEVER have to SPEND MONEY to have a Date… 

    you do "Have Too" SPEND TIME together. 

    The only thing you "Have To PAY" is ATTENTION to your Date. 

    (Pretty Much Anybody Can Afford That) 

    Money is for the Event, NOT a good impression. 

    You DO NOT have to be in a Relationship to DATE. 

    You Date to see "IF" you want to be in a RELATIONSHIP. 

    Dating is an introduction to a "possible" relationship 

    It IS NOT a romantic event with Promises or Commitments or Obligations. 

    He owes you nothing. She owes you nothing.

    If a DATE is accepted, it is a time for two people to spend time getting to know each other to find out if there is compatibility or personal interest 

    between the two. 

    It doesn't matter if a guy ask a girl or a girl ask a guy out on a date. 

    You can Date for Months and it is still just a Dating Relationship. 

    When a guy and girl AGREE to be EXCLUSIVE to each other, 

    then it's a COMMITMENT to a RELATIONSHIP with “only” Each Other.

    Every BF/GF relationship you see, happened because 

    ONE OF THEM took a chance and made the first move.

    Dates can be recreational, as long as it is understood from the beginning. 

    Just not Romantic Ones. 

    Once again, You DO NOT have to be in a Relationship to DATE. 

    You Date to see "IF" you want to be in a RELATIONSHIP. 

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