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Should America and Anglo Canada unite, and have Trump build a wall around Quebec and the Atlantic provinces?

Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC and the Yukon should all join the US. They are all 100 percent white and rich.

Quebec is 60 percent Chinese, 20 percent Punjabi and 20 percent homosexual (Montreal is roughly 100 percent Chinese at this point). PEI is also 100 percrnt Chinese. Nova Scotia is and always has been 100 black, and other subhuman races are moving there. And Newfoundland is a bunch of old farts who listen to what the media tells them. And that is why it's a liberal stronghold out there in the East. Hence, Justin Trudeau.

Why do you think the other parts of Canada voted overwhelmingly Conservative? 

Hell, even "progressive" Toronto has plenty of white people and even Doug Ford and former PM Stephen Harper.

That being said, there is zero diversity in North America outside of Montreal, Quebec City and Halifax (3 of the most multicultural cities on Earth).

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    😄 I find this so cute and funny considering you're technically squatting on land that belongs to the "shxt skin" people you're trying to hide from.

    🥴 Like... do you even think about how silly your statements are?

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  • ray
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    3 months ago

    Canada does not want to be in the USA

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  • Jess
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    3 months ago

    You can troll better than that.

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