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Can the police be involved in this situation? ?

I am a 26 year old woman, I have special needs (mild) and I am classed as a vulnerable adult and I am under the care of a charity and live in a supported living accomodation. I have been messaging with a guy. Who is 28 years old and lives in London and he has been (what I feel) exploiting me and preying on my vulnerability. He asked me for nude pictures and sexy videos, to which I sent him (didn't want to but I give in easily) But when I send them he will ask for more the following day and says he will love me forever if I send them to him, he toys with my emotions and I really like him in a weird sort of way and want to make him happy by sending him video's that he wants (even if I hate showing myself and exposing myself on camera) He sends me messages sometimes saying his girlfriend has watched my video's when I send them solely for him, not anyone else. I don't want no-one else watching, plus he keeps telling me he has an ex girlfriend and not a girlfriend and then all of a sudden he has a girlfriend again. He blocks me and then unblocks me and always makes himself the victim when he says words that hurt me, he wants to meet me and says he wants to have sex with me and acts like he only wants me for my body. He started off so nice and like he genuinelly wanted to get to know me and be with me. Now he is just messing around and making me feel like I have to send him video's and pictures when I don't want to and I am scared he will put them all over the internet. Help please

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    Yes. he is black mailing you, when he is saying I love you more he is someone who doesn’t respect and care for you. Get rid of him hun. 

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    So you're opposed to the way he acts but you still send him videos, nudes and continue to talk with him.

    It's YOUR FAULT if you're uncomfortable because you keep the lines of communication open with him. But i think you already know this and i also think this question is a bunch of bull

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