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Are there any differences between being negative and being realistic?

I always get confused because I'm always told to stay positive but I also get told to be realistic, my only issue with being realistic is if it would lead me to be negative which I don't want to be. Is there any differences between being negative and being realistic


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    Realism is not automatically synonymous with negativism. It simply refers to accepting what's possible and likely instead of concluding that everything is IMpossible and entirely UNlikely.

    For example, suppose you want to become an actor.  The negative person would say, "It's impossible. Almost no one makes it, so I'm not even going to try."

    The realistic person says, "This is a tough goal, most people don't make it, but some do. I'm going to make the effort, but I'll have a back-up plan in case acting doesn't work out."

    In fact, I have two friends who wanted to be actors.  They both worked at it for years, one waitressing to support herself and giving herself a certain number of years to make it before she'd turn to another career, and the other going to school in between auditions to earn a graduate degree in counseling.  The one who waitressed was just about to give up when she got a break. She's since become VERY successful in acting. The other person got some minor parts but recognized that he probably wouldn't do any better, and he is now a therapist.

    They were both realistic in the way they approached their goals.  If they'd been negative, they wouldn't have tried to reach their goals at all.  And I happen to know that the therapist wouldn't trade the acting experiences he did have for anything, even though, ultimately, he did not become a successful actor. He loved them.

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    Let’s pretend there is normal traits,

    So an average statistical mood,

    For some that dip below statistical 

    Might hypothetical be classed as being

    Optimistic and others might’ve classed as

    Being pessimistic, So some might be slightly 

    High and others slightly low, the question 

    Then becomes who has been setting the 

    Statistics. And how scientific has the normal

    Range been how wide is normal?

    What qualifications does does the tester hold?So. 

    These folk saying oh your too pessimistic?

    And you might be still within the normal range 

    And The blamers might blame you for

    Being too optimistic when you will be still

    Be in the normal range.

    Those that blame should be respectful instead?


    Very best wishes 


    Source:) deep thinking.

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    Difference between a negative thinking and realistic thinking is the attitude towards the problem . Negative thinking is the ability of the mind to produce thoughts that are not deemed favorable to what the person wants.Whereas realistic thinking is the ability of mind to produce thoughts that leads the person to figure both the pros and cons of the situation.

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    Being realistic is only being negative if the reality is negative.

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    being realistic and being positive aren't mutually exclusive

    facts being what they are, what attitude it's in your advantage to take about them is entirely your own option

    being in a positive mood is generally going to help you out more than otherwise, regardless of what's actually going on

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    Lies of ommission are usually positive. 

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