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Do different Animals experience time differently? ?

I noticed small quick animals like garden birds and mice have short lives, whereas big slow moving animals like elephants and whales live long lives. 

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  • JimZ
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    2 months ago
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    Yeah,this was a hummingbird I saw yesterday.  He clearly was in a different time zone than me.  He was really quick.  I don't think they they think about it, they just act.  He was just getting ready to launch into the air to chase a rival and he took off like a bullet.  

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The reason small mammals and birds have short lives is because the smaller the object, the greater its surface area to volume ratio is. That in turn means small animals will lost heat more quickly to the environment. Since birds and mammals generate their own body heat internally to maintain a high temperature, they therefore must replace the lost heat metabolically. To do so, they must eat more food per gram of body weight than large animals, and their heart rates are also much higher. Cats for example have twice the heart rate of humans, and mice and hummingbirds have heart rates around 500 beats per minute.

    Elephants in contrast have heart rates that are lower than those of humans. In fact elephants would probably outlive humans if they do not starve to death after wearing out their molars by eating rough vegetation. Do small animals with elevated heart rates have faster internal clocks. Yes they do. To a mouse and a small bird, humans are moving in slow motion.

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  • Carson
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    2 months ago

    Their metabolisms are faster. Their little bodies wear out faster.

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  • 2 months ago

    Yes, I believe that they do. Just think of your own life as an example. When you're young, time goes by very slowly.

    To a two year old, a year is HALF of their entire life.

    To a ten year old, a year is only one TENTH of their entire life.

    And so on...

    As we get older, each year becomes a smaller and smaller part of our existence, so the years seem to go by very quickly.

    Animals who live a short time probably perceive their lives to be longer than we perceive them to be.

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