Are these websites safe to buy from?

I need my textbook by next week and I want to buy it for cheap because I do not have much money especially because my other courses require more expensive stuff and this is the cheapest I could find my required textbook. The websites are called,

Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination: 3rd Edition by Mary E. Kite 

Is the book I need. These two websites offer it for basically $20 and I honestly do not want to spend a lot and it looked like an amazing offer. I want to make sure it's not a scam website where they steal my information. If there is another website anyone knows that is legitimate and sells it for cheap, please tell me. 

(There is more websites similar to these and almost have the same type of name that is why I think they are suspicious).

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    Hidden owner. Site only 128 days old. Cheap to buy domain name.

    Contact by free gmail account

    telephone number is a mobile phone.

    They violate copyright.

    ebook check of $18.89 Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism 7th Edition by Sareen S. Gropper. Rental for semester physical book is available at $27

    Legal ebook is available at $35

    Buying from a ghost site.

    The website's owner is hiding his identity using a paid service

    Seems connected to the other site.

    no response to emails

    low trust score at

    The questions you ask yourself in using these sites:

    Do you want anyone in the world to have the email and payment information you send them?

    If you do not receive what you are buying, what do you expect to do about it?

    They can do anything they want to do. You have no control. You are buying a product that is an illegal copyright violation and no government agency can bother with you.

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