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Why is it so hard?

Why is it so difficult to 100% get over your first love from years ago for good? Am I lonely,  ill or is my mind just trying to fill a void? I'm over her and I'm rest assured that she's fine and taking care of herself. Unlike myself. I'm over her and have been noved on, but I worry about her finding out about my life's struggles and downs. 

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    Moving on and letting go are not the same thing. Moving on means you can accept them as your ex and live without them. Letting go means they have no influence on your emotions. When you can feel love without need. Peace without pain. Goodwill without expectation. That’s letting go. Coming to terms with something, making peace with it, is a process. Detachment is the method. Let her and yourself be free.

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    Sometimes it can take years to bring the grief

    Pure to some kind of conclusion.

    A better way is to have long talks with a 

    Psychologist whom is trained in grief counselling 

    and bringing about closure,  l suggest you see

    One or have long talks with your doctor

    One thing l can tell you it involves great

    Courage and l wish you well on journey,


    Very best wishes 


    Source:) Study and Ethics 

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