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Why is my sense of direction so horrible that I am starting to think I am mentally retarded.?

I have struggled my whole life with this, I cant for home or to any destination without  GPS, no matter how many times I have driven the route, I have ADHD, I have never been able to keep a job because of this, I get lost in large buildings. If I move to a different part of town in a few months I will not be able to find my way back to the old house. I just got a new job in a hospital and my new co workers were watching me just walk around amlously not being able to find my way back to where I was. It's so humiliating. I was told I have a cyst on my penal gland, I read that controls your sense of direction and perception of time, which I have  none of either..I just feel so stupid. Its disabling me, why am I so oblivious to where I am, it's such a burden, please help me if you can. And please spare me with the rude remarks, This whole thing has me down in the dumps. Thanks a lot

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  • 3 months ago

    Please ask your doctor thanks and checkout

    The non GPS with down loads of updates

    Prior to purchasing narrow down your favourites

    And Check the you tube reviews and see what

    Is best for you ok?


    Very best wishes


    Source:) YouTube

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