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Should I buy another pair of flip flops?

I like to wear flip flops over the summer. I have two pairs I haven't worn yet and they are the Sanuk ones that are super comfortable and dont' blister my feet like other flip flops do. Amazon has a nice sale on those same Sanuk flip flops that I like. It's only $20 (they usually cost $30+). I probably won't get to wear them for a while, but it's very rare that I see Sanuk flip flops that cheap, so I was thinking of buying an extra pair. I probably won't get to wear them for a while since I already have two extra pairs, so I was wondering if I am throwing away money by buying another extra pair.

So what do you think? Should I buy another pair of flip flops since they are currently on sale and very cheap?

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    Yeah. In Australia, we call them thongs. I wear thongs a lot, even in Winter (I don’t live in the snowy areas of Aus, I am on the east coast). Do you live in the south of America like L.A or Houston or in the snowy, cold mountain ranges.

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    Buy sandals that has a heel strap and arch support. 

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