What are the laws about talking to your co-workers in your native language while at work?

I was speaking to my co-worker in our native language at work and my manager started telling me to do the most random thing in the restaurant. She started telling me to scrub the floor with my hands and sh*t. I know she was kind of scared of me talking in my own language because it hurts her narcissitic ego to not know what we are talking about. She takes her job way too serious. She pretends to be gordon Ramsay in the kitchen. Is it not allowed to talk to your co-workers in your native language at work? We were getting our job done. She doesn't do this if we talked in English.


Might I also add she sent me home 15 minutes earlier too even though she wanted me to stay longer that day. I was supposed to stay at least another 2 more hrs. I pretended like nothing was going on. I just did as she told me to do and left home. I don't think my co-worker knew what was going on too, he just kept working his part. He didn't get any repercussions. I just kept the whole thing on the low. I knew I was being targeted by my manager, I just didn't know what to do to protect myself

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    you were being rude. you work in a public place in England. leave speaking your language when home or after work. that is only polite

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    • Casey Y
      Lv 7
      2 months agoReport

      There are rules in place where employees arent to discuss anything personal or non-work related.  I dont think I would make a huge deal about it...but what if the manager assumed you were discussing them...

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  • TB12
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    In the U.S. there are no laws against it.

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