Has anyone ever had a scary camping experience? ?

3 years ago, I went camping with a friend out of town. Everything went good the first night we camped, but the next night was strange. We walked back to my friend’s car to get the extra blanket she packed. When we turned to the tent, the door was unzipped, and we know that we zipped it up before leaving. We turned on the flashlight and took a quick look to make sure nothing was missing.  Luckily, nothing was missing but we found a walkie talkie in my back pack and it was on. I never brought a walkie talkie with me.  My friend and I heard heavy breathing, and then someone whispered I’m coming towards your tent. That’s all they said. After they told us that, we heard a loud thump like something heavy hit the ground. We were panicking. We immediately grabbed our backpacks, and ran as fast as we could to her car. We drove off, and we never went back to get the tent. 

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  • Herman
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    2 months ago
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    I was camping in a rural area and had my laptop on  looking at Yahoo Answers under Sports.  I saw a avatar of daniel g and it scared my dog so bad it ran out of camp

    and never returned. I now use the picture to scare away varmints and  anything

    dangerous.  That is one scary picture. Can I say UGLY on YA???

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  • Kieth
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    2 months ago

    We were camping in a remote area, and our first night we heard some movement around our tent. At first I just thought it was raccoons, but then we heard whispering. I cycled the action on my 30-30 and it all stopped.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The fact you didn't call the police shows you are ignorant or a troll.   In all likelihood you got scared away by some kids messing with you.   

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