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Messing up some times on performance. Of perfection? ?

I play a jazz piano piece perfect when I’m at home and in front of my mentor I play it perfectly of my version. But at my performances sometimes I mess up. Any advice like not messing up? 

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  • 1 month ago

    The main characteristic feature of jazz is improvisation. If you make a mistake keep playing an improvise. In most instances only you know that you messed up.

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  • 2 months ago

    First of all - the essence of jazz playing is improvisation.  Learn to make something good out of your *taking a wrong turn*.  Do not freeze up, or make a face - except one of DELIGHT that somehow, The Planet led you to a new idea.  if you want to work on your improv skills, there is a great site called  N Noe in a podcast format.  You listen for 5 minutes - shut it off an go practice a couple of times  - come back an jam with the audio on the site.  If you need/want print materials - they are available for sale.  as a multi-degreed career musician and retired music education/director, I can tell you that this site and this AUTHOR is the Real Deal.

    The more you play, the more confidence you get.  Decades ago, my husband was told by some chorus students that there was a girl who played the piano, but was too shy to accompany.  He got her to do warm-ups.  Next year - got her to play ONE selection in a concert.  Next year - a couple more.  Each year, better and better, starting in 7th grade doing this.  10th grade - she would run in and ASK him what they were going to sing, so she coule start practicing.  11th grade - a New Boy moves into town, h joing the HS choir - and is a really good accompanist.  DH lets him do ONE - and the original girl goes BALLISTIC.  THIS IS MYYYYYYY  JOB!!!!!.  A truce is reached - 12 grade goes well for them both.  So in our basement, we have pictures of the choir - from her hiding behind  other members, to up front an PROUD.  Where is she now?  She is a big-deal newscaster - no, we will NEVER tell you who.  But we met a videographer from her station, and told him this - and he started to offer us Big Bucks for a copy of some of those pictures.  Seems the THIS IS MY JOB! attitude makes her *interesting* to work with - every day . . .

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  • Olive
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    2 months ago

    Pretend your playing for your mentor and nobody else is around. Once you get that image fixed it should work out good

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