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Getting my GED just for a job opportunity?

So I was homeschooled and never really graduated.

I got into a UNI yet and still with no GED. I got into Rutgers University with homeschool records and I didn't even have to submit the ACT or SAT cause I was 21 at the time. I aced the crap out of the entry tests and that was that.


Worked like hell for the entire year of 2014 and saved up $60k and bought a duplex for $20k, fixed it up, been living in one unit and renting out the other unit.

My consulting business started dying, I sold it for $30,000. I put that in my savings. So right now I have $560 monthly coming in from rental property. And about $400/mo from my 10 day old business.

I am in need of a job until I at least solidify $5000 a month with my new business venture. I am looking to move out of state and rent out the unit I'm currently living in.

However, I am signed up with a temp agency they called me today about a SANITATION job at a Pharmaceutical facility. The job pays $23 an hour but once hired in after 60 days, it will be $59.32 an hour. One of the requirements is High School Diploma or GED.

I will take the GED asap... I'll have 5 days to study for it. I will tell my job that I am in PREP and will have it before the first day of work.

Do you think this doable? How hard is the GED? I am studying for the MATH portion now. But what's likelihood of passing in such short notice?

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