what does this mean on youtube?

when you see a channel or channels in your subscriptions which you never subscribed to?

i changed my youtube password months ago because this was happening and i thought my youtube account had been hacked, it temporarily fixed the problem but just today, one again i saw a channel in my subscriptions that i never subscribed to?

everything else on my youtube channel looks normal....does anyone know why i'm seeing this or what it means when you see channels in your subscriptions you never subscribed to?  and how to fix it?

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  • 2 months ago
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    that’s weird I’ve never heard of that happening

    report it to YouTube or just unsubscribe not sure how to fix it.

    do you share your account or have anyone else use your computer/phone (whatever you use) ?

    try using a different account for a while and see if that happens to that account. it might be easier to determine why it is happening then

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