Do you think like this?

Here is how I think.

I think I overthink... you tell me

So I think about language,

a communicative process between

2 or more things that ends with a result.

It could be humans talking, dancing, painting.

Or flowers blooming and bees collecting.

Atoms communicating to create molecules.

I think everything in reality is constructed

from language...I mean reality as in

everything that exist, including


I don't think consciousness is a divine

special thing in reality...instead I think it

is just another construct... I mean you need a lot of sensing and thinking to be it is a construct of these things at least.

But then I think about the expression created from these communications.

They seem random and often

misunderstood. But besides all of this

where do they come from?

I mean does the idea of yahoo answers exist outside of it's time in our reality?

It could...the expression for yahoo answers is built on binary code... the expressed reality in already a known idea...the binary just displays the idea.

Thus, maybe all expressions are known to

be before their time of existence within


Idk for sure... but this is how I think

what mental disease is this?

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  • 4 months ago

    If you are asking for a diagnosis then it's likely that you are able to

    correlate belief in the truth of autonomous, independent knowledge^.

    So please be aware that the CURRENT & past subjective philosophy 

    is still being naïvely practised, and damning-to-known-rationality with 

    the example of  "induction" the current epitome of irrationality.

    I could go into realistic evidence of that with typical commentators

    answers here.. & suffice it to say that IN Philosophy if such  

    "subjective philosophy" commentators HAVE NOT ASKED ANY

    pertinent actual philosophy Questions then they can be assumed

    to be such naïve practitioners...  

    We all were once practising subjectivists back in OUR CHILDHOOD..

    until the maturity of more serious & adult philosophy learning work

    "took over" so to speak.

    The unfortunates are the ones who could not "break free" then of

    their childhood behaviour.. & in particular their naïve subjective &

    relativistic (knowledge) tendencies.

    Objective philosophy then should not normally lead-into any "mental

    disease" as far as I am aware - & contributors should be aware of

    the now-popular-Political philosophy crude distinction of "fake news"

    which could well see that description wrongly applied to good work

    or good works.

    A reasonable Place to look for current objectively critical work either

    in philosophy or the other "humanity disciplines" would be in the

    area called "Environmentals..", like Environmental Philosophy et al.

    But BE AWARE that the corresponding works in similarly known 

    areas like the PHILOSOPHY OF the Environment may not be a

    good place for, shall I say the more rationally sensitive student to

    investigate (& then to learn from so to speak).

    But hey... good luck with your method-of-thinking & "objectifying"

    in your own search for & discovery of better type knowledge,

    whatever subject area that may be in. 

    Objective knowledge.^

    ^ NON RELATIVE knowledge.

  • j153e
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    If you're seriously asking for a diagnosis, then you do believe in a type of truth:  relative and specific.

    Thinking like a butterfly moving from flower to flower is free association

    The great teacher Manjushri noted that if you mind moves from one idea to another, why not focus on several of them at once.  ("The WIsdom of Manjushri").

    You also might appreciate A. H. Almaas' "Runaway Realization," Olga Kharitidi's "The Master of Lucid Dreams," and Mark Prophet's "Understanding Yourself."

    A secular writer who writes in the higher illuminism is James Burke:  "Connections," in which he "flits" from one idea to another, free form, free spirit.

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    You fried your brain - there is no return.

  • 4 months ago

    You seem to be burdened by an internal oversupply of unrefined fertilizer.

    • BlueBerries4 months agoReport

      Lol,I try to put my interest elsewhere but I end up back at these type of thoughts... 

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