About how much would a Zelda triforce tattoo like this cost?

I'll start off by saying that I have one tattoo already, a little Minnesota Wild (wordmark) and wolf paw print tattoo that I got on the upper portion of my left arm (deltoid).  I got that one done when I took a trip to Nashville a few months ago (back in October) for $150 because of the small and simple nature of the piece.  I'll be attaching a reference image of the one I'm about to detail, but the next one I'm pursuing would be a Zelda triforce (and with its triangles filled in with the colors of the 3 goddesses; red/power, wisdom/blue, courage/green).  Additionally, below the triforce, I've also got the words "be legendary" (get it, because Legend of Zelda) in a font from one of the games.  In terms of where on my body I'm wanting it, I'm wanting on the same part of my body (upper arm/deltoid) but on my right arm). 

Just wondering if anyone could give me about a rough approximation of how much I could expect something like this to go for before I go to one of the parlors to set up an appointment/put down a deposit.

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  • Casey
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    2 months ago

    The artist can give you a quote before you make a deposit. Its going to depend entirely on the hourly cost which varies by shop/artist. But probably $150-$250 not including the tip.

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